Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sono Sola

when i feel like this
those are the only words
that describe it

sono sola

those are the only words
that even come into my

when i say it this way it feels like
i'm talking to
the dead architects of those
beautiful cities
the dead makers of those
haunting paintings
the dead lovers of those
dramatic women with their
brown eyes
and their fiery

talking to all those dead people
who lived to make beautiful things
because they know how i feel

sono sola...

that i am trapped on
this inland island alone.


lolliloobedoo said...

You aren't alone...I'm right here with ya!

jereme said...

you are not alone

S.L. Corsua said...

The line "all those dead people who lived to make beautiful things" -- with emphasis on "who lived to" -- speaks volumes of the rewards of creativity itself, before the accolades. ;)

"inland island" -- makes for a most meaningful last line.

I wish not to assume anything, but if this is a personal poem, then please know that I do wish better days ahead, for you. Blessings.


FrostingandFire said...

thanks you guys. and S.l. Corsua, thanks for your nice comments and for reading me from so far away & sending care. (and ps. I'm okay. It was just a poem, afterall, but it never hurts to read someone is out there...).