Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Circus / Who do you love?

arenas in the

crowds kings

of birds of cats of

if only you could want me

seasons they 
accepted less 

lifetime in bargains
split the children up

hold hands with one's
who are leaving

tremors red sunset orange moon

crowds / you see them 
suffocate me / think 

if only you had loved me

wake up hal worthington and 
his dog 


see me i'm making coffee
talking to the t.v. 

and it's answering me

california circus
let's walk to the beach
family in the morning
is he up? is he moving?

see me i'm standing drinking coffee
talking to the t.v.


who do you love?

do you know 

who you love?

do you love or 

do you

just think about it?


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