Sunday, July 2, 2017

Femme Masculine / Donna Mascolina

I am very strong.

I want to wear something sheer.

I am told to "lean back" to be successful in romance.

I am told to "lean in" to be successful in professional life.

I am fragile.

I want to demand answers from the world.

(Lean in, lean back, be lean, get fat...wtfk?!)

I want to say what I mean, be clear, be productive, relax in love, be hopeful, show kindness, feel accepted, understood, and wanted. 

I am living a small life.

I want to find my place and swell to fill it.

I want to expand in every direction.

I do not want (to have to) think about leaning at all.

I am not a modern woman.

I want to be known as a human.


I am not ashamed to be a woman.

I am ashamed of what a woman is supposed to be.


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